Welcome to 2017 on New Village Farm!








We are excited to bring you our new line up of programs and camps.

We look forward to Spring’s After School Sessions, Spring Program Days (for school days off) and Farm School Mornings (Tuesdays and Fridays), and April Vacation Camp

We are also excited to make our 2017 Farm and Garden Camps and our Teen Work Skills Program the best yet!

It takes a village to run a farm!  If you are interested in joining us to volunteer in our kids programs, in the gardens or with the animals, learn more on our Volunteer Page!

To learn more about our practices and the products we sell, we invite you to explore our Farm Stand and Food Page.

Questions can be addressed to Michaela@newvillagefarm.com or at (802)338-0116.

Be Well, Eat Good Food, and Be a Part of the Good in the World Today.





I feel strongly that beyond the food we grow at New Village Farm, we grow healthy strong kids and a healthy strong community. To me, selling you a boxed share of food is only sending you home with the icing on the cake — the richness of the farm is in the experiences it provides. It is a profound and rich life, it is full of challenges and beauty. I invite you to participate in it.

– Michaela Ryan

Founder, New Village Farm





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